Did You Know You can Get Braces at Any Age?

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This statement is true! Usually, braces are considered better to get when young, but with the advancement of dental technology, you can get them at any age! With the proper alignment, you can have a much healthier and appealing smile. This will not only give your smile better alignment with a better appearance, but it will help you speak more clearly and how you drink and eat foods.


In order to fix crowding or spacing of the teeth, you will need braces or one of our other available straightening procedures. After you have aligned your teeth, the teeth aren’t crowded or spaced out, putting you at a lower risk of suffering from tooth decay and gum disease.


We can correct irregularities in your smile with our team of ortho specialist, and this includes your teeth and jaw. With your teeth aligned, your overall bite operates better, which in turn acts as a better tool to ease pressure on the gums and jaw joints.


In order to establish the best treatment that is also suited for your budget and needs, when you come in for an assessment our team will examine your smile and discuss with you what treatment plan is best. With a specific treatment plan, you can not only smile with a new great smile, you can relax knowing you are on track with your budget.


Here at Northshore Orthodontics, Dr. Rebecca Payne deVerges and our professionals are happy to help get your best smile while promoting a healthier mouth. Call us at 985-626-0160 today to schedule a consultation or appointment with our team here in Mandeville, Louisiana today!